Film Extra Jobs Up for Grabs – Auditions Next Week

Hundreds of locals got work as extras during the shooting of the made in Kerry, Ryan’s Daughter in the very early 1970s.

With every thespian worth her / his salt threading the boards up and down the country at present and the amateur drams season hitting full tilt, comes an invitation to audition for the part of an extra in crowd scenes for a feature film.

The cast and crew of ‘The Last Duel’ will soon be filming in Ireland and are now organising an ‘open casting’ session for huge crowds of Irish based film extras to attend and apply next Friday, February 21st in Dublin City Centre.

Epic Period Feature Film

‘The Last Duel’ is an epic period feature film soon to be shooting in various parts of Ireland over the coming months.

It will be directed by Ridley Scott and will star Matt Damon, Ben Affleck, Adam Driver and Jodie Comer.

Filming will mostly take place around Dublin, Wicklow, Meath and Tipperary.

Affleck, Damon and Nicole Holofcener have written the screenplay which is based on the book ‘The Last Duel’ by Eric Jager.

Lots of Film Extras

The film-makers are looking to directly employ lots of film extras for huge crowd scenes as the film progresses.

They’re holding an ‘Extras Open Casting Day’ in Dublin next week and they’re hoping to put out as much information as possible to attract interested people to apply and take part as extras.

This is paid work and the casting session will be open to all adults.

To apply, people should come along anytime between the hours of 10am to 6pm at Liberty Hall / Siptu Building / Eden Quay, Dublin 1, Friday 21st February 2020.

What They Want

Appearances…men and women, bone thin, medium or broadly built, sporty types, tall, short, long and short hair, bald men and women, naturally coloured hair or be prepared to dye it, long and short beards, no beards, amputees, crooked or missing teeth.

The skills sets they’re looking for includes: artisan crafts people, sword and axe, blacksmiths, farmers, military trained, marching, archers, bakers and fishmongers.

Weird And Wonderful

They want: quirky, unusual, weird and wonderful looks or skills…stand out from the crowd? Even if you think you don’t, they would love to see you there anyway!!!

There will be featured and special extra roles too and we will be casting people on the day.

You do not necessarily need to have had any previous experience to apply.

Living Locally – In Ireland

Ideally, you should live locally in Ireland to be considered and have a work visa/pps number! You do not need an appointment and can turn up anytime between the hours stated.

For further information you’re advised to email: or facebook fb./TheLastDuelExtras