St. Patrick’s Day Parade Logistics Meeting Tonight at 7pm

Castleisland St. Patrick’s Day Parade founders, Aeneas and Helen Leane were honoured with their chauffeur driven vintage car through the town during the 2017 parade. ©Photograph: John Reidy 17-3-2017

A meeting to gauge support for the Castleisland St. Patrick’s Day Parade will be held in the small bar at the River Island Hotel on this Wednesday night, February 26th at 7pm.

Committee members will meet with people with an interest in the development of the hugely successful event and outline the support, financial and physical, needed to keep the parade on the street.

First Parade in 1989

The Castleisland parade has been a huge success ever since it was put on the street here in 1989 by Aeneas and Helen Leane.

On a per capita and sheer physical involvement basis, the Castleisland parade would stand up well against any other show of national pride anywhere else.

Public Acclamation

But it takes money and insurance cover and that same physical effort for the organisers to get it to the summit of public acclamation it occupies by evening time after each and every one of the parades here since that first one in 1989.