Supporting Local Strawberry Growers in Season – Cllr. Farrelly

Cllr. Charlie Farrelly picking out an in-season business as one worthy of local support. © Photograph: John Reidy

“After all the hullabaloo about Keeling’s flying in overseas workers to harvest their strawberries, I am encouraging people to now help support a local business by buying Sliabh Luachra Strawberries,” said Cllr. Charlie Farrelly with no little encouragement and without his customary loudhailer.

“Grown locally on John O’Sullivan’s farm just up the road in Dicksgrove, Currow this is a local business which should be supported.

“If we are to be serious about getting the local economy up and running again then we will have to keep supporting local businesses.

Sliabh Luachra Strawberries are for sale locally in Garvey’s SuperValu in Castleisland also in Moriarty’s Centra in Farranfore and they can also be bought directly from the shop at the O’Sullivan farm in Dicksgrove.

At around this time of the year, back in 2015, The Farmers’ Journal did a page feature on the Currow based grower and you can read it with a click on the link here: