Castleisland Community College Gesture of Hope and Gratitude to Tralee Nursing Unit

Art-felt Gesture: Theresa Grimes, Tralee Community Nursing Unit (left) receiving the completed artwork from Pia Thornton, project coordinator and art teacher at Castleisland Community College.

Castleisland Community College staff, students and teachers sent their hearts to Tralee Community Nursing Unit recently as a gesture of appreciation, hope, support and thanks.

“The school community united to send a combined message of thanks to our front-line workers and to also lift the spirit of the elderly in Tralee Community Nursing Unit,” said college spokesperson, Doreen Killington.

Request for Square Hearts

“Pia Thornton is the art teacher in the college and she sent a request to all the school community to design and draw a heart on paper six inches square, and she then collated the hearts together into a collage.

“There was a fantastic response with two collages of hearts presented to the Tralee Community Nursing Unit.

Message of Hope and Gratitude

“The hearts represent a message of hope and gratitude for all involved with the nursing unit.

“It is intended to lift the spirits of those residents whose families cannot visit them and to also to brighten up the days of the front-line staff who are doing such an amazing job for all of us.

“The school hopes to continue working with Tralee Community Nursing Unit in the future to engage in more creative adventures,” said Ms. Killington.