September 21st Set for Windmill Healthcare Opening in Castleisland

All about the Plan: Members of the Windmill Group and site management personnel pictured at the unfolding development of the Castleisland Nursing Home Project in April 2019. Included are from left: Karen Butler and Pat Kennedy, Windmil Group; Rory McGillycuddy, Rory McGillycuddy & Associates Design, Engineering & Project Management Consultancy; Frances Neilan, Windmill Group; Jim McAuliffe, Griffin Bros, Builders Site Foreman; Denis McElligott and Evie Hallissey, Windmill Group. ©Photograph: John Reidy 16-4-2019 
The dawning of a new area of nursing home healthcare in Castleisland as the Windmill Group project is set to open on College Road in September.  ©Photograph: John Reidy

Windmill Healthcare is delighted to announce that its care centre in Castleisland is scheduled to open on September 21st. 2020.

With a strong track record in the area of high quality care, the new development in the townland of Bawnaluska on College Road has been widely welcomed by the community, especially as there is currently no other nursing home facility in the area.

A Welcoming Response

“There is a very welcoming response to the addition of our care centre to the Kerry health services,” said Denis McElligott the group’s clinical director.

“We are delighted to be extending our spectrum of care to my home county of Kerry. We are now in a position where we can take bookings for rooms and provide assessments and assistance to Families looking for care,” said the Lixnaw native.

Recruitment Drive for Staff

In a follow up to its Mayday 2019 recruitment drive at the River Island Hotel, Windmill Healthcare is planning another with the aim of having its full complement of staff in place for the September 21st. opening date.

Building began in March 2019 and great progress was made up to the lockdown in March of this year.

A Massive Boost

In a massive reputational boost for the group, its aforementioned clinical director, Denis McElligott was featured on RTÉ One television news at the height of the Covid-19 crisis declaring that the virus had been kept at bay in all of its five centres throughout the country.

Griffin Brothers are now in the final and finishing phase of the work on the College Road addition to the group’s string of facilities as the welcoming community here looks forward to its opening in early autumn.