Huge Response to Missing ‘Kerry’ Appeal – Still no News !

In spite of the huge response to The Maine Valley Post Facebook appeal, ‘Kerry’ is still somewhere out there after taking fright during Saturday night’s thunder.

KERRY Is Still Missing from Laccabawn, Castleisland Since Saturday Night’s Thunder.

This message hoping to locate the missing family pet came in on Sunday.
“Our dog ‘Kerry’ is missing since Saturday and she may have been frightened by the thunder that night.
“She’s missing from the Laccabawn area of Castleisland.”

Somewhere Out There

In spite of a huge response to The Maine Valley Post Facebook page notice on Sunday evening the little creature is still out there somewhere.
Dogs are known to take fright and run blindly and in no particular direction during thunderstorms.
More often than not are taken in or returned by neighbours. Please do keep an eye out for her.
If you have seen her or taken her in would you please call 087 78 56 595.