Teachta Daly Calls for Clarity on Pandemic Unemployment Payment

Pa Daly, Sinn Féin TD for Kerry is asking Minister for Employment Affairs and Social Protection Heather Humphreys, TD for clarity on changes to the Covid-19 Pandemic Unemployment Payment (PUP)

“I have been contacted by dozens of constituents in recent days, anxious because their Covid-19 PUP claim was declined or is unanswered,” said Teachta Daly.

No Recent Records

“Those that did receive an answer were told that Social Welfare has no ‘recent’ record of their PRSI contributions and accordingly could not verify that they had been in recent employment.

“Some of these same applicants previously received the Covid-19 PUP without any issue and so this new rule has come out of the blue.

“There is no information on gov.ie pages with regards to when Covid-19 PUP rules changed, or the yardstick that recent PRSI contributions became a qualifying factor.

Goalposts Changed Overnight

“Yet again the goalposts have changed overnight leaving far too many scratching their heads.

“I have asked Minister Humphreys to clarify the change in order that people know where they stand.

“People are extremely stressed over the latest lock-down and to leave them hanging with no income is unacceptable,” said Teachta Daly.

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