Enjoying the Great Outdoors at Castleisland Community College

Discovering and enjoying the great outdoors in the surroundings of Castleisland Community College with the guidance of staff from the Cappanalea Outdoor Education and Training Centre. Included are: Keeva Aherne (left) with: Eilís Enright, Rowan O’Sullivan, Maz Fanning, Cappanalea instructor and Fionn Griffin.

All Junior Cycle students enjoyed a fantastic day in the great outdoors exploring their extensive schools grounds.

The staff from Cappanalea Outdoor Education and Training visited the school over the course of two weeks in order for all students to enjoy a day outdoors in autumn.

Green School Travel Flag

“The aim of the day tied in with student well-being and the Green School Travel Flag,” said teacher, Doreen Killington.

“As part of the Travel Flag for this year , students are being asked to take a walk into the great outdoors in their locality to see what it has to offer.

Team Building Skills

“Each day a particular group was trained in the area of orienteering, how to make a camp fire and team building skills.

“The school grounds were explored by students in the morning as they undertook orienteering tasks. “Afterwards they learnt how to build a camp fire and they enjoyed their picnic.

Individual Contributions

“In the afternoon, they practiced team building skills and focused on how an individual can make their contribution to the effectiveness of a team.

“It was a thoroughly enjoyable experience for all,” said Ms. Killington.

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