Castleisland Chamber Alliance Art Scheme – Schools and Children Gave it Holly

An overview of the wall-to-wall primary school artwork on the expansive windows at the former Esmay Boutique at Lower Main Street Castleisland on display now. 

If you’re in need of a bit of inspiration and are waiting for the spirit of Christmas to touch you, pull your coat around you and walk up, down or around the town.

Take a look at the wall-to-wall artwork on the windows of the former Esmay Boutique and, further up Main Street, at the former Curtin’s Paint Shop.

Turn on your heels then and take yourself down the Currow side of the Market House and around the Back-of-the-Forge.

Youthful Enthusiasm and Magic

There, you’ll see another fine expanse of window covered with the kind of youthful enthusiasm and expression that makes Christmas magic for those who don’t see it, don’t feel it and can’t share it for a variety of personal reasons. Childish enthusiasm is brilliant at that.

That all of this window space is there and available is wonderful of course but a worryingly increasing trend in this and many other towns like it all over the country.

They Gave it Holly

Castleisland Chamber Alliance offered inducements to the schools in the area to get to work on creating all this magic and they gave it holly and colour and glitter and all – in fairness to them

However, the offer of prize-money for the adults of the town and district failed to rise any significant response and the two local artists who did enter fine pieces of work will share a monetary prize for their efforts and will avoid the anxiety of a head to head of competition.

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