One and Two Bedroom Houses Most in Demand in Kerry – Cllr Jackie Healy-Rae

Cllr. Jackie Healy Rae is urging Kerry County Council to up its own output of one and two bedroom houses and he said there are only 50 such units in Castleisland out of the 625 in the county as a whole. Main Photograph: John Reidy 

Kerry County Councillor Jackie Healy Rae has renewed his calls for Kerry County Council to seriously tackle the ever-growing problem of the shortage of one and two bedroom houses.

Figures have emerged that over 80% of qualified applicants have a need for one and two bedroom type units on the council’s housing stock.

Strategic Policy Committee

The Castleisland LEA representative who is a member of the housing Strategic Policy Committee (SPC) welcomed the news that the 2020 Summary of Social Housing Assessment figure of 2,183 qualified applicants was well reduced from a 2016 high of 3,916.

However, he felt that it was now time to seriously tackle the other waiting list within the overall list.

Leaving People Behind

“When it comes to those waiting on one and two bedroom houses with 1,275 (58.4%) seeking a one bedroom unit with a further 497 (22.8%) seeking a two bedroom unit. Are we purposely leaving these people behind? Cllr. Healy Rae asked.

Now the first time councillor is calling on the council to roll out an ambitious build plan with one and two bedroom units as a top priority.

Only 50 Units in Castleisland

While I accept that the council has little control over the type of units being delivered by the private market, it does have total control over new housing schemes in their own land and we need to do a lot better.

My own municipal district of Castleisland has only 50 units of the 625 in the whole county with 1,275 currently still waiting to be housed in Kerry.

Is it any wonder that some of these people are now waiting up to and over ten years? he concluded.

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